Product Reviews

SmartDigest Ultra and SmartShip& Show by SmartPak


Today’s review is of two products that I used back in April, so I’d say this is a little overdue!  When preparing for my 3-day barrel clinic, where my horse would be staying overnight, I decided to purchase two pastes- SmartDigest Ultra and SmartShip & Show, both by SmartPak.  I have put my 3-year old horse through some pretty stressful situations, and will admit that I have not always prepared him.  Well, in the past couple years I’ve gotten smarter and made him happier.  I’m still waiting for Norman to thank me…..


I started alternating half doses of each paste 2 days prior to the clinic and administered the last of it the day after we got home.  While I started to get concerned when I saw that the SmartShip& Show was very thick and gritty, and didn’t come out in one smooth shot, things got better when I was able to squeeze it onto my horse’s feed and have him eat it that way.  Luckily for me, he is not too picky.  The SmartDigest Ultra was a bit easier to administer.  My horse’s energy level stayed consistent, he kept interest in his food, and did not have any loose stool.  I give credit to both of these pastes for keeping my horse healthy and and as stress-free as possible during this time.


SmartShip & Show Paste

SmartDigest Ultra Paste


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