First Show of the Season….

…And by show I mean we went for expo, stuck around to down a few beverages, and then packed up and headed home.

Show season is here, and I decided we need to get moving!!  There were a couple shows going on last weekend, but I chose to go to the Tri-State Rodeo Association show at the Wood County Fairgrounds in Bowling Green, since all I wanted to do was work on the barrel pattern.

Norman just turned three in March, and he wants to make sure everyone knows it.  But sometimes he does throw us for a loop….like when I led him out of the pasture and walked him right into the trailer.  We were off to a good start!!  But let’s get back to him showing off his age….After unloading and being tied up to the trailer for about two minutes he decided he didn’t like it, and pulled back until he had bent the tie loop on the outside of the trailer almost completely off. Out came the neck rope.  He tried one more time, and quickly gave up.  After some chatting with family and friends, I decided there was no reason to delay saddling up.  As a friend of ours walked back to his trailer, he said to me, “Well I’m going to go sit at my trailer and watch this horse buck…you sure you don’t need a helmet?”  I told him to watch it, then proceeded to walk past his trailer sitting tall!  We did get a little stuck near his trailer, though, when Norman thought the sorrel horse tied to it should be his best friend.  Do you think he was missing his momma at home just a little bit?

We then headed over to the make-up arena where Norman tested my ability to stay in the saddle.  I told my mom if everyone could just stop opening and closing their trailer doors that would be great.  After some bucking, whinnying his little baby whinny to any horse that would listen, and some drifting towards other horses while attempting to lope a circle, we finally got in-sync.  As I headed out of the pen completely out of breath and exhausted, I looked back at my horse show people, told them I needed some water, and said to them, “That is what you guys are here for right….?” (I mean, it is, isn’t it?!)… After my water break I grabbed my money and headed to the arena!  I forked over six bucks for three expo “runs,” and by the second time through the pattern Norman remembered what he was doing.  I had left both whips at home, and Norman needed some “encouragement,” so one of my wonderful horse show assistants broke off a small branch with leaves and handed it over.  Works for me!

On our way to the second barrel

Soon after expo, I headed back to the trailer and gave Norman a quick lesson in what traveling to shows consists of—a lot of standing tied up to the trailer, all tacked up.  Don’t worry, I also gave him water!  While trying to load he decided he would rather stay, and even reared up…which is completely unacceptable, as any horse owner knows, so that was a little frustrating.  After some tugging on my part, he finally gave into the pressure on the rope and walked into the trailer.  We made the half-hour trip home, fed the horses, and that was that!  First “show” of the season….checked off our list!


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