Weekend Recap

NBHA OH 07 Gibsonburg Exhibition was at 11, show at 1.  And we got there at 9:30.  I wasn’t even home yet from a long night at the tractor pulls, and running on 4 hours of sleep when my mom called at 7:30am to say my uncle was there with his horse ready to go. … Continue reading

Futurity Follow Up

I decided to take my futurity and derby rule questions and contact Barrel Futurities of America.   A very helpful woman by the name of Cindy responded to me, and answered all of my questions!  After our string of 8 emails full of my probing questions, she was still not annoyed by me…what a sweet, … Continue reading

Barrel Racing to be an Olympic Sport?

Why shouldn’t barrel racing be on the list of Olympic equine sports, right next to Dressage, Eventing, and Jumping? Beats me.  If you feel the same way–check out this new Facebook page I came across, and the accompanying pledge Web site to put your vote in today! Olympic Barrel Racing Pledge Your Support

Thanks for the Reminder Dad…

Since I am headed out to a camping trip for the next few days I figured I better get a ride in on Norman before I leave.  So I hopped on and he decided to test my seat.  It’s been a while since he’s done that; apparently he forgot that I’m not going anywhere.  The … Continue reading

Local Attractions

Local shows are the only things I am doing right now, so here is the lowdown on where to be if you are like me–and by like me, I mean-1. you have a young/green horse 2. you just don’t have time to travel and 3. your sporadic show-going is proof that you should only be … Continue reading

Futurities Vs. Other Divisional Races

As the owner of a now three year old barrel horse in training, I have been considering my options for his four year old year.  I have never had a futurity or derby eligible horse before, so I had to do my research.  According to the Barrel Futurities of America (BFA) Rulebook: Futurity must be … Continue reading

Adventurous Trail Ride

About two weeks ago my uncle called me up and asked if I wanted to go on a trail ride.  Now, you have to understand, he does this about once a week, and I normally have to turn him down because I am a) out of town, b) busy, or c) just don’t feel like … Continue reading

All Breed Pedigree

Soon after breeding my mare, a friend of mine told me about this site.  You can type in any horse’s name, as long as they are registered, and see their pedigree going back up to 5 generations.  If your horse isn’t registered, you can do it for free here:  All Breed Pedigree     BEST … Continue reading

Hay, Hay, Hay

The weather has been crazy this past year, and because of this, hay supply has not been great.  At least not in our area.  Due to the weather, we were not able to get hay from our regular supplier, as they ended up only having enough first cutting to feed their own horses.  This left … Continue reading

First Show of the Season….

First Show of the Season….

…And by show I mean we went for expo, stuck around to down a few beverages, and then packed up and headed home. Show season is here, and I decided we need to get moving!!  There were a couple shows going on last weekend, but I chose to go to the Tri-State Rodeo Association show … Continue reading